I Heart Makeup – Best Thing.

Hi guys!! Sorry for the late upload just been very busy with college! 

However’ those of you that may follow me on insta might’ve noticed I put a picture up of one of my favourite drugstore palettes!! It’s called “best thing” by I heart makeup – Makeup revolution. I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup revolution.  

This palette consists of 32 shades. Both for a nice day look to a very sexy night look. Just staring at the palette makes me feel so excited, the golds, bronze and copper. This has 10 matte shades including a black shade for those smokey looks! As well as a beautiful highlight colour. Just stare at those shimmery colours! I could stare at them all day. So gorgeous and pigmented!

This palette costs around £5.99 which is a bargain! Considering you get amazing colours, and the colour pay off is just as good as high end eyeshadow palette. Why would you pay £40 for a palette with 10 shades when you can get one of £6 with 32 shades!?! I’ll be honest I probably reach out for this palette more than I reach out for the urban decay palettes!! Not that I dislike urban decay! 

This palette was purchased from superdrug, however they do have their own website! 

Thankyou for taking you time to read my quick review.. Much love’X

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Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation. 

Well hello there guys!! As for my first ever blog, I’m going to do a quick review on this foundation! My new favourite!…

 I kept up to date with this foundation waiting for it to come out as I adore having a natural look whenever I wear any kind of foundation. I like the basic natural yet glowing look. I looked everywhere for a review on this foundation but there wasn’t any!! So you guys are lucky!

“Illuminating touch foundation provides a natural luminosity to the skin with a light, silky soft texture.”

I agree!! This foundation feels very lightweight and looks very natural; giving a light to medium coverage. However, it does feel a little sticky when you first apply it but then it feels nice and silky. I have got my shade in ‘Cool Beige 3’, there’s around 4-5 shades. What is more, it costs around £3.99. The price is just as amazing as the product itself!

I’ve got dry skin, so finding the right foundation is quite difficult as most of them just get on to dry patches, it honestly is awesome for those that may have dry skin.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review.

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